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This indicates that the parking brake system has detected a fault. Whilst this lamp is on, the parking brake may either not be functioning correctly or not released at all. Care must be taken as the handbrake may not hold properly.

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Fault lamps

EPB - Electronic Parking Brake

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Oil warning lamp, also known as:

•  Engine oil pressure lamp

•  Engine oil level lamp

•  Oil pressure warning light

EPS - Electronic Power Steering

Also known as EPAS - Electrically Powered Assisted Steering. This indicates that the EPS has detected a fault. Whilst the lamp is on, the power assisted steering may not be functioning and the steering will become much stiffer to turn. (It will be most noticeable at parking speeds).

Service indicator

Tyre pressure control (RDC)

Other names for this light include service reminder and service lamp. This lamp or message is a reminder that a service inspection is due. There is however and exception with French cars like Renault. Their "Service" message is an indication that the engine management PCN has detected a problem. (Refer to Engine Management Lamp).

Diesel Glow plug/Management Lamp

•  Diesel Engine Preglow

•  Glow Plugs

•  Glow Plug Control Light

This lamp will come on when the temperature is cold and as soon as it goes out, an attempt can be made to start the car. If the lamp is illuminated with the engine running, this indicates that either there is a fault or malfunction with just the glow plug circuit or, the diesel engine management PCM, (Power Control Module also known as an ECU, Electronic Control Unit) has detected that one of its many sensors has either failed, or is giving a signal that is out of a predetermined range.


Whilst this lamp is on, there may be a loss in power and the vehicle will not perform as well as before. This may be very noticeable if the lamp is flashing. (The PCM may default to limp home mode). As a guide, if there is no loss of power, reduce speed and have us examine the system as soon as possible.


If there is a lack of power, then it is recommended that the vehicle is not driven as damage may occur to engine emission components.

As a guide, if the lamp is orange, this indicates that the engine oil level is low.

If the lamp is red and/or flashing, this indicates that there is little or no oil pressure. The engine must be turned off immediately to prevent severe engine damage. If the oil level is correct whilst on ground level, then the engine must not be restarted until the cause is located.

This indicates that either there is a fault with the monitoring system or one or more of the tyre pressures are low. All tyres should be inspected for condition and pressure. (This lamp may illuminate if a "space saver" or full sized spare wheel is used. It can also come on if the tyres are moved around without reprogramming the control unit).