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The engine oils that we use include Shell, Comma, Castrol (BMWs on LL02 and 04). Engine oil grades will be written on the invoice with often the accreditations as well.

If you would prefer your vehicle to be maintained as per their recommendation, and/or using main dealer parts, we can do this for you. For an estimate, please contact us today. We will require the following information: full registration number, current mileage, type of service required and mention if you prefer main agent parts. Carpenters Garage in Tooting is within easy reach of Furzedown, Merton and Colliers Wood.

Carpenters Garage is an independent, family run garage that was founded in 1979. We carry out servicing on a wide range of vehicle makes and models and we have developed our own service schedules. This may contain more or less items than those recommended by the manufacturer.

Service schedules

Vehicle servicing

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Engine oil

The anti-freeze strength of the coolant will be checked during the service. Unfortunately the coolant also includes a corrosion inhibitor and there is no tool available to measure this. That is the reason why anti-freeze should be changed, commonly every 4-6 years.




This should be replaced every two years. This is because it absorbs water from the atmosphere that will then lower the boiling point of the fluid which could cause brake fading or corrosion. During the service we will measure the boiling point of the fluid and recommend its replacement should the water level be too high. It is worth pointing out that some vehicles fitted with Teeves ABS units are having common problems with the failure of the internal pressure sensor. VW will only give a goodwill gesture towards the cost of a replacement unit outside of the normal warranty period if there is proof that the fluid was changed bi-yearly.

Brake fluid

Air conditioning

Many manufacturers are now stating that this system should be "serviced" and/or some components replaced at time-related intervals. Whilst it's easy to think that this is just another money making ploy, there is some logic behind this. If the air conditioning gas is low, the system will have to run harder to compensate. This will increase the load on the engine and reduce fuel economy.

We offer Class 1,2 and 4 MOT testing for cars and light commercial vehicles up to 3000kg DGW, including diesels. We also deal with MOT failure repairs.

Airbags/SRS units

Most manufacturers state that the airbag/SRS system must be inspected every 10 years. (Refer to your handbook or dealer for an exact date). In the case of airbags, they are tightly compressed into a small area and will in time start to weaken on the creases. In the event of deployment there is a high risk that the bag will burst causing injury. We do not undertake this type of work and recommend that the inspection or replacement of any parts is done by the main agent.

Gear/transmission oils

Some automatic and transmission (Axle) oils have to be replaced at regular intervals. Please contact us for further information.